About the company

Operating principles of the group of companies «Opticenergo» are:

  • Innovations. The main principle of development of each company and holding group in whole is output of new unique for Russia products. All of enterprises are equipped with the most advanced equipment and produce products that respond to the latest market demands or even the products that make these demands.
  • Self-reliance. One more principle of development of the companies of «Opticenergo» is manufacturing of its own materials and supplements required for output of high-technology cable products.
  • Guaranties. All enterprises that included in Opticenergo, LLC are oriented to long-term cooperation with consumers of products and services and distributors of equipment and material. Fairness and respectability in relationship from both sides are the key for long-term mutually profitable business relationship.
  • Diversification. Group of companies «Opticenergo» always aims for the product-line expansion. It concerns both nomenclature of each enterprise and production in whole.


Enterprises of group of companies «Opticenergo»

Saranskkabel-optica, LTD produces all types of fiber-optic cables that are used for building of backbone and intraareal networks. It also produces the optical power ground wire that is exclusive for Russia.

EM-Cable, LLC produces standard cables and wires, wiring cables for hostile environment (atomic power stations, petroleum chemical plants, coal-pits, flame-retardant cables), and also high voltage wires of improved reliability, durability and conductivity.

EM-Kat, LLC. Its main line of work is producing of aluminum alloys wire rod. Products that are made from heat-resisting aluminum alloy have several unique properties that increase qualitative characteristics of goods that are made from it.

EM-Plast, LLC specializes in the manufacture of skin package from environmentally safe polyolefine. It also produces food stretch film.

Sarmat, LLC - is Russia-Spain joint-venture enterprise that produces the spiral fittings for fastening the fiber optic cable to the power line and laying of the air fiber optic communication lines.

Experimentation center of «Opticenergo» is oriented to test fiber-optic and power cables and wires against demands of the state standards.

EM-Print, LLC - is an advertisement-printing complex that realizes the latest advertising technologies.

Restaurant «FIN&TAIL» - specializes in fish and seafood dishes.

Autotrans-Saransk, LLC realizes transport and forwarding services and logistic outsourcing.

Novomed, LLC; Novomed-EM, LLC; Novomed-Romodanovo, LLC - are multifunctional centers of modern medicine that are founded according to the principle of united overall system that provides diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases.

MedEstheteClinic, LLC - is a center of medical aesthetics. The clinic specializes in cosmetological procedures using only modern European and American equipments.

Products of group of companies «Opticenergo» are delivered in all regions of the country. Unique for Russia manufacturing of different kinds of products allow the companies to reduce prices of it and make it cheaper than imported analogues keeping the best quality of all output products. Cable products of Mordovian manufacture are popular in neighboring CIS countries (in such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenia, Kyrgyzstan). It is also widely used at the enterprises of energetics and communication industry. Among our customers are FSK; MRSK; Rostelecom, JSC; Svyazinvest, JSC; Bashinformsvyaz, JSC; VimpelCom, JSC; Mobilnye telesystemy, JSC.

All of companies of the group of companies «Opticenergo» are equipped with the most modern equipment of leading global producers, such as «Queins», «NEXANS» «Mario Frigerio», «Cortinovis Machinery SPA», «TECNO COATING ENGINEERING», «Eurodraw», «Proton» и «Threesixty Parkegate Technology Ltd», «NEXTROM», «Maillefer», «BARTELL MACHINERY SYSTEMS LLC».