History of development

The history of enterprises from the group of companies Opticenergo began less than 15 years ago, but even now Opticenergo is 14 qualified successful far-reaching and modern enterprises that are in demand at the markets.

The history group of companies Opticenergo of enterprises from the began in 2000 when Saranskkabel-optica, LTD (enterprise oriented to the production of fiber-optic cable) was founded. New enterprise with good prospects in cable industry for Mordovia was developing very fast. Over the years of establishment the company set up the production of all basic types of fiber-optic cable that is applied for building of backbone and intraareal networks. The company also implemented the production of the optical ground wire that is exclusive for Russia.

More than 20 000 kilometers of cable are made and put in service from the beginning of realization of this project. All customers are always satisfied with the product. The plant not only supplies its products, it also provides specialists (building inspection) to manage the work of the cable during the time of its service.

Autotrans-Saransk, LLC was founded in 2005 for minimizing of costs for transportation the products. It specializes in transport services. Throughout its existence the company has changed from the small-scale enterprise that renders services only for supplying of its own products into the successful company that specializes in logistic outsourcing.

From the very beginning of the group of companies work, it was clear that innovations are the basic principle in the development of its enterprises and not only in the cable industry but also in other areas. At the same time, an idea about diversification (dividing) the activities of companies for a wider coverage of products and services markets was born.

EM-Plast, LLC was founded in 2007. It specializes in the manufacture of skin package from environmentally safe polyolefine. It also produces food stretch film. Unlike PVC film the polyolefin film doesnt evolve toxic gas upon storage and shrinkage. It is absolutely safe for peoples health and environment. This enterprise has a lot of perspectives in Russia as nowadays all attention is paid to ecologically clean production. An additional point is that migration to POF-packaging approaches our country to European standards where usage of PVC films is prohibited as it can damage peoples health.

Because of production development and foundation of new companies it becomes necessary to unit these enterprises under the central-station control. That is why in 2009 the management company Opticenergo was founded.

2010 is the important year for Opticenergo. In that year three new companies were founded EM-Cable, LLC; experimentation center of Opticenergo, LLC and Novomed, LLC.

EM-Cable, LLC is the plant oriented to innovations and appliance of innovative technologies aimed at development and output of new import-substituting type of products. The plant produces standard cables and wires, wiring cables for hostile environment (atomic power stations, petroleum chemical plants, coal-pits, flame-retardant cables), and also high voltage wires of improved reliability, durability and conductivity.

Experimentation center of Opticenergo, LLC was founded for carrying out of tests of fiber optic and power cables and wires against demands of state standards. Metrological base of the center gives indispensable guarantees of supporting of desired accuracy, quality and unity of measurement processes of all tests.

In group of companies Opticenergo there is also successful multifunctional center of modern medicine Novomed, LLC that was founded according to the principle of united overall system that provides diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases. All procedures are possible to make in the same office that is good for economy of time of patients. Medical equipment of top-rank and qualified health workers assure qualitative diagnosis and treatment

In 2011 three more enterprises were founded.

SARMAT, LLC is Russia-Spain joint-venture enterprise that produces the spiral fittings for fastening the fiber optic cable to the power line and laying of the air fiber optic communication lines. Purpose-made fittings allow to fasten cable securely on lines of electricity transmission and to avoid its stretching and dipping. This type of product was not available in Russia before.

EM-Print, LLC is advertisement-printing complex that realizes the full range of services in advertising sphere. The company uses the newest equipment that allow to realize the craziest ideas of customers.

MedEstheteClinic, LLC is a center of medical aesthetics. The clinic proves the thesis Everything should look fine in a person. Cosmetological procedures made by competent specialists help clients make oneself look presentable and find the harmony between soul and body.

In 2012 two more companies were founded in group of companies Opticenergo. The basic direction of working of EM-Kat, LLC is producing of aluminum alloys wire rod. Products that are made from heat-resisting aluminum alloy have several unique properties that increase qualitative characteristics of goods that are made from it. In Russia there are no analogues of this manufacture. Output aluminum alloys wire rod will be used for sale all over the world and for producing of new products at enterprises from the group of companies Opticenergo.

In August, 2012 coffee-bar Procofiy was founded. It specializes in preparing of different kinds of coffee and European meals.

In 2013 because of continuous development it was necessary to found EM-Service, LLC (enterprise that provides domestic services) and Novomed-EM, LLC.

In 2014 in group of companies Opticenergo its own power center was founded. Em-Energo, LLC generates electricity for the enterprises of holding. This year atelier of unusual journeys Veter Stranstviy started its work.

In 2016 all of enterprises of the group were put under guard of private security company Opticenergo.